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Radioisotopes 72(1): 49-100 (2023)

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第9回全国核医学診療実態調査報告書The Present State of Nuclear Medicine Practice in JapanA Report of the 9th Nationwide Survey in 2022

発行日:2023年3月15日Published: March 15, 2023


The Subcommittee of Japan Radioisotope Association on Survey of Nuclear Medicine Practice in Japan has performed a nationwide questionnaire survey every five years since 1982. The latest questionnaire survey was performed in June 2022, resulting in more than 90% response. The estimated total number of examinations using single photon emitters increased by 2.7%, whereas the number of PET examinations decreased by 1.5% as compared to the survey in 2017. As a result, the total nuclear examinations increased by 1.0%. Unsealed radionuclide therapy was newly initiated for treatment of pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma with 131I-MIBG and neuroendocrine tumors with 177Lu-oxodotreotide, while treatments with 223Ra and 131I decreased and some products were discontinued. Therefore, the total number of unsealed radionuclide therapy decreased by 17.7%. The total number of nuclear medicine examinations did not change much, but unsealed radionuclide therapy showed significant changes.

Key words: single photon emitter; radionuclide therapy; single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT); positron emission tomography (PET); scintigraphy; radiopharmaceutical; nuclear medicine practice in Japan

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