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Radioisotopes 71(3): 219-224 (2022)

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(8)食品照射に関連した新規基礎研究の提案食品ロスの削減に向けた損傷菌の制御(8) Proposal for New Basic Research Related to Food Irradiation

1大阪公立大学大学院工学研究科量子放射線系専攻Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka Metropolitan University

2大阪公立大学研究推進機構微生物制御研究センターResearch Center of Microorganism Control, Organization of Research Promotion, Osaka Metropolitan University

3大阪公立大学研究推進機構大阪国際感染症センターOsaka International Research Center for Infectious Diseases, Osaka Metropolitan University

受付日:2022年5月18日Received: May 18, 2022
受理日:2022年6月20日Accepted: June 20, 2022
発行日:2022年8月31日Published: August 31, 2022


The control of bacterial spores resistant to sterilization is important for the microbiological safety and integrity of foods. Spores are considered sub-lethally injured during the sterilization process but remain alive and can germinate and grow under non-stress conditions during storage and distribution. In this study, Our research team aimed to establish a method to control such injured bacterial spores, the survival of injured Bacillus subtilis spores after heat or gamma-ray irradiation treatment was investigated. we compared the damage mechanisms of spores subjected to heat treatment and γ-ray irradiation and the developmental dynamics of the injured spores. This study found that γ-ray irradiation suppressed the generation of injured spores better than heat treatment.

Key words: gamma-ray irradiation; Bacillus subtilis spores; microbial control; injured spore

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