Online ISSN: 1884-4111 Print ISSN: 0033-8303
Radioisotopes 69(9): 287-297 (2020)


γ線スペクトロメトリーにおける円柱状体積試料のサム効果補正True Coincidence Summing Correction for Cylindrical Volume Samples in γ-ray Spectrometry

1株式会社アドフューテックAdvanced Fushin Technology Co., Ltd.

2国立研究開発法人日本原子力研究開発機構Japan Atomic Energy Agency

3公益財団法人日本国際問題研究所Japan Institute of International Affairs

4公益社団法人日本分析化学会Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry

5東京都市大学Tokyo City University

受付日:2019年11月5日Received: November 5, 2019
受理日:2020年4月17日Accepted: April 17, 2020
発行日:2020年9月15日Published: September 15, 2020


The Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry conducted ‘The Collaborative Experiment on a Correction of the True Coincidence Summing Effect for 134Cs’ to investigate the causes of the underestimation of 134Cs radioactivity of the certified reference material in the International Inter-Comparison Exercise. This work examined the analysis results of the collaborative experiment, and confirmed that it is the cause of the underestimation that the true coincidence summing (TCS) correction is not sufficient because the TCS correction of using commercial gamma ray analysis programs do not consider the sample volume. This work developed and proposed the practical TCS correction method for general Ge detectors that considers the sample volume and examined the effectiveness of the method and confirmed that the underestimation can be reduced to less than 1%.

Key words: gamma-ray spectrometry; caesium-134; true coincidence summing; sample volume

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