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Radioisotopes 68(8): 539-541 (2019)

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7.1 高エネルギー重イオン加速器施設の放射線安全設計に関する研究HIMAC施設建設前とその後7.1 Research on Radiation Safety Design for a High-energy Heavy Ion AcceleratorPre and Post Construction of the HIMAC Facility

東北大学名誉教授Tohoku University, Professor Emeritus ◇ 980–8578 仙台市青葉区荒巻字青葉6–3 ◇ 6–3 Aoba, Aramaki, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980–8578, Japan

発行日:2019年8月15日Published: August 15, 2019


It was decided to construct the HIMAC facility in 1984, and the author was asked to be a responsible person on the radiation shielding safety design. The design was done from a quite safe perspective since there were no heavy ion transport codes and no experimental data at that time in the world. This effort eventually led to the development of the heavy ion transport Monte Carlo code, PHITS and many other experimental works. After completing the HIMAC facility, the experimental data on secondary particle production, especially neutron production, which is essentially important for shielding design, from heavy ion injection have been measured systematically. These experimental results have been widely used for designing the shielding of heavy ion accelerator facilities around the world.

Key words: HIMAC (Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator in Chiba); radiation shielding safety design; heavy ion transport calculation code; double-differential neutron production cross section (DDX); thick target neutron production yield (TTY); neutron transport through shield; spallation products by heavy ions

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