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Radioisotopes 68(7): 469-478 (2019)

総説Review Article

食品照射の海外動向Current Status of Food Irradiation in the World

1ダラット大学原子力工学部Dalat University ◇ 01 Phu Dong Thien Vuong, Dalat, Vietnam ◇ 01 Phu Dong Thien Vuong, Dalat, Vietnam

2農業・食品産業技術総合研究機構食品研究部門National Agriculture and Food Research Organization ◇ 305–8642 茨城県つくば市観音台2–1–12 ◇ 2–1–12 Kannondai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki Pref. 305–8642, Japan

発行日:2019年7月15日Published: July 15, 2019


This paper reviewed the current status of food irradiation in the world in 2017. The quantities of irradiated foods are increasing as 550,000 tons in China and 110,000 tons in Vietnam. Phytosanitary irradiation of agricultural products has recently increased. The US has imported 31,000 tons of the irradiated fruits from Mexico and other countries including Hawaii. In Asia and Oceania countries, not only export to the US, but also export and import of irradiated fruits and vegetables within the region such as Australia and Vietnam are developing.

Key words: food irradiation; quantity in 2017; phytosanitary; sanitary; spice; fruit

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