Online ISSN: 1884-4111 Print ISSN: 0033-8303
Radioisotopes 67(9): 453-460 (2018)


D-シャトルの概要とその応用についてD-shuttle Electric Dosimeter and Its Applications

株式会社千代田テクノルChiyoda Technol Corporation ◇ 113–8681東京都文京区湯島1–7–12 ◇ 1–7–12 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113–8681, Japan

発行日:2018年9月15日Published: September 15, 2018


D-Shuttle is a compact, light, long-battery-life, cumulative electronic personal dosimeter co-developed by Chiyoda Technol Corporation and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. D-shuttle was developed after Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident, and supplied to public from March, 2013. Because of the separation of dosimeter part and the display part, we successfully developed a dosimeter which can continuously operate for more than 1 year and record hourly dose data. The calibration of a detector is performed when the dosimeter is sent to the manufacturer for battery exchange, thus, the general public can easily perform dosimetry and reduce their dose. This review paper shows general characteristics of this new dosimeter and introduces application examples performed around Fukushima area. Finally it shows future directions such as environmental measurements and the use in nuclear medicine facilities.

Key words: D-shuttle; personal dosimeter; Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident; radio caesium

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