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Radioisotopes 67(1): 31-42 (2018)

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サイバーナイフによる定位放射線治療Stereotactic Radiotherapy by Using CyberKnife System

さいたま赤十字病院放射線治療科Department of Radiation Oncology, Saitama Red Cross Hospital ◇ 338–8553 埼玉県さいたま市中央区新都心1–5 ◇ 1–5 Shintoshin, Chuo-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama Pref. 338–8553, Japan

発行日:2018年1月15日Published: January 15, 2018


The CyberKnife® (CK) system is a radiotherapy equipment that combines an X-ray irradiator and robotic arms that were developed at the end of the last century. Through flexibility of the system, CK can achieve precious radiotherapy by selectively irradiating tumor lesions. Useful applications of this treatment include frame-free fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy for intracranial tumors, and tumor-tracking radiotherapy for pulmonary and hepatic lesions under the respiratory motion. This treatment is also effective for local control of bone metastases. Since a wide range of clinical application is feasible, stereotactic radiotherapy by using CK system is an important option in radiotherapy.

Key words: CyberKnife®; stereotactic radiotherapy; intensity modulated radiotherapy; respiratory motion; tumor tracking

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