Online ISSN: 1884-4111 Print ISSN: 0033-8303
Radioisotopes 67(4): 175-178 (2018)

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6.4 直流大電流電源超伝導トカマク装置の電源システム6.4 High Current DC power SupplyPower Supply System for Super Conducting Tokamak Device

国立研究開発法人量子科学技術研究開発機構核融合エネルギー研究開発部門那珂核融合研究所トカマクシステム技術開発部National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology ◇ 311–0193 茨城県那珂市向山801–1 ◇ 801–1 Mukoyama, Naka-shi, Ibaraki Pref. 311–0193, Japan

発行日:2018年4月15日Published: April 15, 2018


In large tokamak device, high current DC power supply several tens of kA/several kV has been used for magnet excitation. During tokamak operation, high voltage is needed for only short time at plasma initiation. Therefore, cost-effective circuit topology combined with thyristor converters and DC circuit breakers has been discussed for many years. In addition, the latest superconducting tokamak stores huge magnetic energy(~10 GJ) especially in toroidal field coils. In the case of coil quench, protection circuit has to discharge the magnetic energy by using external resistors in order to prevent coil damage. This paper describes an optimized magnet power supply system of JT-60SA which is one of the largest superconducting tokamak and being constructed in Japan.

Key words: JT-60SA; superconducting magnet; power supply; quench protection; flywheel motor-generator

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