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Radioisotopes 66(2): 55-60 (2017)


熱発光スペクトルによるムール貝の放射線照射履歴の検知法Detection Method of Gamma-Ray Irradiation History of Shellfish by Thermoluminescence Spectra

1東京農工大学大学院生物システム応用科学府Graduate School of BASE (Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering), 
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology ◇ 184–8588 東京都小金井市中町2–24–16 ◇ 2–24–16 Naka-cho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo 184–8588, Japan

2株式会社上島製作所Ueshima Seisakusho Co., Ltd. ◇ 186–0011 東京都国立市谷保6–5–22 ◇ 6–5–22 Yaho, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo 186–0011, Japan

3株式会社コーガアイソトープKOGA ISOTOPE LTD. ◇ 520–3404 滋賀県甲賀市甲賀町神保53–6 ◇ 53–6 Jinbo, Koka-cho, Koka-shi, Shiga Pref. 520–3404, Japan

受付日:2016年8月2日Received: August 2, 2016
受理日:2016年9月20日Accepted: September 20, 2016
発行日:2017年2月15日Published: February 15, 2017

貝類の放射線照射履歴を検知するために,マルチチャンネルフーリエ変換型微弱発光分光分析計を用いて,ムール貝の熱発光スペクトルを測定した。放射線量を変えた試料の発光を測定すると,総発光量は放射線量とともに増加した。この検知法は身を取り除いて水洗した貝を粉砕するだけの簡便な前処理であり,0.1 kGyで照射された試料の発光スペクトル(ピーク位置641 nm)も観測できることから,新たな放射線照射履歴の検知法の一つとして期待される。

The purpose of the present study is to establish a new convenient detection method for γ-ray irradiation history. To measure very weak thermal emission spectra of γ-irradiated seashells, a new multichannel Fourier-transform chemiluminescence spectrometer, an interferometer of which is composed of a Savart plate, a quartz lens, and two linear polarizers, was used. When irradiated mussel shells were cleaned by water, crushed by a freezing crusher, and heated at 473 K, spatial interferogram was obtained from signals on each CCD pixel, which was converted to thermal emission spectra by Fourier transformation. The observed spectra were modeled with one Gaussian curve by least-squares fitting, showing a peak position at about 641 nm. We found that the spectral intensity depends on the dose of γ-ray irradiation and the history of 0.1 kGy irradiation is detectable. In addition, the emission spectrum of a sample washed by only water was found to be similar to that washed by 5% NaOCl solution, meaning that the washing by the solution is not required. The method proposed in the present study is expected to develop as a new convenient method to know the γ-ray irradiation history of seashells.

Key words: thermoluminescence spectra; seashells; γ-ray irradiation history; multichannel Fourier-transform spectrometer

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