Online ISSN: 1884-4111 Print ISSN: 0033-8303
Radioisotopes 66(11): 525-530 (2017)

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16 計算機シミュレーションによる放射線生物作用の初期過程の研究16 Computer Simulation Study of Initial Process of Radiation Biological Effect

1量子科学技術研究開発機構量子ビーム科学研究部門Quantum Beam Science Research Directorate, National Institute for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology ◇ 319–1106 茨城県那珂郡東海村白方2–4 ◇ 2–4 Shirakata, Tokai-mura, Ibaraki Pref. 319–1106, Japan

2日本原子力研究開発機構原子力基礎工学研究センターJapan Atomic Energy Agency ◇ 319–1195 茨城県那珂郡東海村白方2–4 ◇ 2–4 Shirakata, Tokai-mura, Ibaraki Pref. 319–1195, Japan

3東京工業大学工学院システム制御工学School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology ◇ 152–8550 東京都目黒区大岡山2–12–1 ◇ 2–12–1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152–8550, Japan

発行日:2017年11月15日Published: November 15, 2017


To understand the mechanisms of radiation biological effects, modeling and simulation studies are important. In particular, simulation approach is powerful tool to evaluate certain assumptions of mechanisms and the relationship among experimental results in different levels of biological systems. This article summarizes our approach to evaluate radiation action on DNA and cells by combination of knowledge in radiation physics, chemistry and biology. It contains theoretical approach to estimate physico-chemical process of DNA damage induction. Outline of the mathematical model for dynamics of DNA damage and cellular response is also presented.

Key words: radiation biology; water radiolysis; DNA damage; computer simulation

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