Online ISSN: 1884-4111 Print ISSN: 0033-8303
Radioisotopes 66(10): 425-435 (2017)

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5 水と水溶液の放射線化学5 Radiation Chemistry of Water and Aqueous Solutions

大阪大学産業科学研究所The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University ◇ 567–0047 大阪府茨木市美穂ヶ丘8–1 ◇ Mihogaoka 8–1, Ibaraki, Osaka 567–0047, Japan

発行日:2017年10月15日Published: October 15, 2017


Radiation chemistry of water and aqueous solutions has been intensively studied for many years, over the past century since the discovery of radiation. Relevant to the various application fields of engineering and radiology etc., plenty of fundamental processes have been revealed. Nevertheless, there still exist many controversial issues, such as ultrafast processes and reaction kinetics in different phase (supercritical state), to which much attention is still attracted even now. In this chapter, essences of radiation chemical work of water and aqueous solutions, including historical activities, fundamental processes, and approaching methods etc., will be reviewed.

Key words: Radiolysis; Water; Aqueous solution; High temperature; Numerical simulation

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