Online ISSN: 1884-4111 Print ISSN: 0033-8303
Radioisotopes 66(10): 395-406 (2017)

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2 高速パルスラジオリシスと短寿命中間活性種の検出2 Ultrafast Pulse Radiolysis for Observation of Short-lived Intermediate Species in Radiation Chemistry

大阪大学産業科学研究所The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University ◇ 567–0047 大阪府茨木市美穂ケ丘8–1 ◇ 8–1 Miho­gaoka, Ibaraki, Osaka 567–0047, Japan

発行日:2017年10月15日Published: October 15, 2017


The direct observation of short-lived intermediate species would be very significant for understanding of primary reactions or processes in radiation chemistry. An ultrafast pulse radiolysis is a powerful technique that has the potential to probe the kinetics and reactions of the intermediate species with femtosecond/pico-second temporal resolution. In this report, we also presented some demonstrations of observation of hydrated and pre-hydrated electrons in water using pulse radiolysis technique.

Key words: ultrafast pulse radiolysis; femtosecond electron beam; short-lived intermediate species; precursors; solvated electron

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