Online ISSN: 1884-4111 Print ISSN: 0033-8303
Radioisotopes 65(10): 415-420 (2016)


水稲うるち玄米の整粒と不良粒中の放射性Cs濃度の比較による玄米への放射性セシウム移行時期の推定Estimation of Radiocaesium Translocation Period to Non-glutinous Paddy Rice Grains by Comparing Radiocaesium Concentrations in Suitable and Unsuitable Brown Rice for Food

量子科学技術研究開発機構放射線医学総合研究所廃棄物技術開発研究チームBiospheric Assessment for Waste Disposal Team, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology ◇ 263–8555 千葉県千葉市稲毛区穴川4–9–1 ◇ 4–9–1 Anagawa, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba Pref. 263–8555, Japan

受付日:2016年5月6日Received: May 6, 2016
受理日:2016年6月15日Accepted: June 15, 2016
発行日:2016年10月15日Published: October 15, 2016

水稲(Oriza sativa)の玄米中に含まれる食用に不適当な穀粒について,籾殻付きを未熟粒,変色や変形したものを不良粒として分類し,137Cs濃度に差が生じるのかどうか調査した。未熟粒の千粒重は整粒の95%であり,やや未熟であったが,137Csについては同程度の濃度であった。一方,不良粒は14%ほど137Cs濃度が低く,受粉後の穀粒発育過程での不良がCsの穀粒への移行に影響しているものと考えられた。

Brown rice of non-glutinous paddy rice (Oriza sativa) was used to investigate radiocaesium translocation to grains by selecting hulled rice and unsuitable rice grains for food. It was assumed that hulled rice was not mature enough to remove hulls compared to mature rice so that hulled rice was classified as immature rice. The unsuitable rice grains were such as colored or not proper shape ones, thus it was though that they were disturbed their filling process and thus their nutritional condition was not in the same level as the normally grown mature grains. The weight of immature rice grains had about 95% of normal-weight grains and thus it was indeed slightly immature but the 137Cs concentration was almost the same as that of the normal mature grains. On the other hand, unsuitable grains were low in 137Cs concentration by 14%, suggesting that translocation of radiocesium was affected from early stage of filling process. Probably the decrease would occur especially if germs and/or aleurone layer were damaged.

Key words: radiocaesium; rice grain; aleurone layer; translocation

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